Fun Facts

  • Ragoni is one of the only known characters in Nansei to be genderless/have completely unknown gender. The other is Hikaru Yamamoto.
  • Ragoni's age in Hills of the Gods is actually the time of every project in Nansei being made - 1 month.
    • Ragoni is currently the youngest known character in Nansei because of that.
  • Ragoni was originally created by Nansei Dev "Popcioslav".
  • They appear on the cover of Hills of the Gods together with Arakida Ochosan.
  • Their eyes were dark green/gray in Hills of the Gods, but turned light green in Expressive Illumination.
  • Ragoni has changed during the development a lot. They were originally in yellow, black and orange colours, as opposed to being more green, white or celadon.
    • They originally had one more chimney on their back. Also instead of a fez/hat Ragoni was wearing an Ushanka.