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軍曹 隷拏
Rena Gunso
Rena gunso by lenk64-da4g8wm

Species Human

Use the M4 and M16


19 years old




Immortal Youkai Army

Rena Gunso (軍曹 隷拏 Gunso Rena) is the younger sister of Reiji Gunso and a guard of the Immortal Youkai Army.

General Information


Rena is quick-tempered, snarky and aggressive. She's also described as being savage and brutal in combat. Rena is also very competitive towards her brother Reiji and claims that she can do things better than him. However, when it comes to work, she is really efficient, as shown when she monitors Ragoni during Expressive Illumination.

Despite seemingly being devoted to the IYA's cause, she's also just a low level grunt who doesn't know much about what's going on, and will openly mock her superiors, as seen in her treatment of Reiji. Although the IYA is an openly bigoted organization who wants to enslave all humans, the Gunso siblings are humans.


Use the M4 and M16

While she doesn't have magic abilities per se, Rena is skilled at using fire weapons, such as the M4 and M16, which is useful for the job as a night guard.

Character Basis

Gunji heiki reference sheet

Heiki Gunji, whom Rena is based on


The characters for Rena's first name (隷拏). The first word Re (隷) means "follower" or "criminal", while Na (拏) means "catch" or "arrest". Her last name, Gunso (軍曹) means "sergeant", which is actually her brother's occupation.


Rena's design is based on Heiki Gunji, an unused character that was supposed to be the boss of Toxic Difficulty.


Immortal Youkai Army

Hills of the Gods

Gunso Rena

Rena in Hills of the Gods

Recently, there have been rumors about the birth of a fake god. Even though this doesn't concern the Immortal Youkai Army in any way, Rena (who was assigned to the Border as a guard) most likely overreacted to all of it and together with an army of fellow soldiers, they go with the intent to defeat that god and fight for youkai rights.

She is eventually guided by Bijonu Ochosan to the eponymous Hills of the Gods, where she meets the so-called fake god, actually a newborn automate golem named Ragoni. The golem demands answers about its identity, but Rena is more interested in fighting the fake god she was searching for. After defeating Ragoni, she calms down and befriends them.

Expressive Illumination

Art has been disappearing around Kuusou no Sekai. The Immortal Youkai Army does not care about such things, but the Anti IYA Resistance is involved, so the superiors task Ragoni (who was conscripted after the events of Hills of the Gods) with the mission to attack any Anti-IYA in the way. Reiji was originally assigned to assist Ragoni, but this was changed to Rena at the last minute.