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制服 リボン
Riboon Seifuku
Riboon Seifuku


Ribon Seifuku

Species Commander Youkai

Surviving/Escaping any battle


1419 years old




Plans Atrium

Riboon Seifuku (制服 リボン Seifuku Ribon) is a monster that works as a commander in the Northeastern Island.

General Information



Escaping any battle


Unconquered Album

Riboon is one of the monsters in the Northeastern Island, where she is posing as the supposed leader of the monsters. She is the Stage 4 Boss in Quanna Noayano's route and Stage 5 Boss in Christine Seaphere's route.

In Christine Seaphere's route, the half-youkai at first thinks Riboon to be an iron-fisted commander with absolute authority over her people. Christine asks her if she knew anything about the Seaphera family, but Riboon claims she doesn’t know. Realizing that she is lying, Christine demands again for answers, but Riboon believes that Christine wants to overthrow her as a leader and they fight. After Riboon is defeated, she admitted that she’s being directed by two secret forces higher than her who also have information about the Seaphera family. With Riboon's direction, Christine entered the Abyssal Narthex.

In Quanna Noayano's route, the reporter gets lost in the Plans Atrium, where she wanders aimlessly until she encounters Riboon. The youkai claims to be the ruler of the island, which caughs Quanna's interest. The reporter asked her a variety of questions about the history and layout of this new land, and Riboon explained how it's always been a dangerous and hostile environment populated monsters. She tried to persuade Quanna to leave the land, but she refused. Upon learning that Quanna is a reporter, Riboon says that what happens in the island is confidential and both have a duel. After Riboon is defeated, she reveals that the monsters in this new land are being raised up as weapons by Katame (the true ruler) and she actually had no part in it.