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代緒元 リュウコ
Ryuko Yoogan
Ryuko yoogan by lenk64

Species Half-Dead Dragon

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1895 years old




Volcano Temple

Ryuko Yoogan (代緒元 リュウコ Yoogan Ryuko) is a half-dead dragon and the sister of Jabby Yoogan.

General Information



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Character Basis


Her surname Yoogan (代緒元) has the kanji for "generation", "end" and "origin" respectively. Her name Ryuko (リュウコ) is written in Japanese katakana, but it also means "Dragon girl".


Background Information

Ryuko used to be a stronger dragon, until the day she decided to visit her younger brother at his residence in Wonderland. However, Jabby had a bad reputation due to his powers to negate almost everything. On the way Ryuko was attacked and killed by a bounty hunter that mistook her for Jabby.

Despite his powers to negate almost everything, he could not prevent his sister's death and entered into depression. Fortunately, the hakutaku Yumi Murasaki was performing miracles around Wonderland in order to earn the trust of the Kingdom of the Cats. Jabby pleaded Yumi to bring his sister back to life. However, due to the incompatibility of Yumi's powers, Ryuko revived as a weakened half-dead dragon. She returned to the Volcano Temple in Kuusou no Sekai and has stayed there since.


Chimera Generation

Wonder Execution Gamble

She doesn't appear, but she is the primary reason why Jabby wants to become a hero and clear his name as the Jabberwocky. He believes that if he succeeds, Ryuko won't be threatened to visit him at Wonderland.