Broken 4th Dimension

Sasami demomira by lenk64-dan2qkj

Species: Mirror Demon

Abilities: Using mirrors as portals to other places and worlds

Age: 200 years old

Occupation: Playing pranks, collecting mirrors

Location: Konsei

Sasami is a demonic being whose origin story is not known very well. She suddenly appeared in Kuusou no Sekai several years ago and came through a mirror, so people believed she was from another world and travelled to Kuusou no Sekai by using her mirrors as portals. Sasami never told that much about her past but she often mentioned that she came from a world far away from Kuusou no Sekai. She used to be a traveler until she came here and decided to stay. But even though she has her own house near Konsei, she uses to be out and about most of the time. The cheerful demon loves to scare people by teleporting them into their mirrors and making a face at them, pulling their hair or making loud noises. But Sasami can do even more than just using normal mirrors as portals. After a long and hard training she also managed to use windows or other objects as portals as well.

She only needed a reflection for her teleportation. Sasami never used her power for something else than just pranking people and traveling around, but there also exist stories that the mirror demon sometimes comes into people’s houses through their mirrors and steals things like toys, dresses, food or other things she wants to have. But she doesn’t seem to have that much interest in money or jewelry.

She never steals more than she needs, but if people try to keep her away by destroying mirrors, Sasami punishes them by making a huge mess when the householders are not there. Sasami loves all sorts of mirrors and has a big collection of mirrors she found, stole or bought somewhere. Every room in her house is full of them so her house began to look more like a house of mirrors; thus, people in Konsei started to call her home like that.

One day she teleported into the mirror of Wyra’s palace and got caught by the half-succubus. She was sealed into the mirror and was unable to leave it. Wyra kept her as a prisoner to troll her a bit, but surprisingly the mirror demon was treated like a visitor: Wyra gave her food and everything she needed and just kept her in the mirror as a playfellow. Though her prison was very small, it was still comfortable enough for Sasami and after they became good friends, she got released again. Though she uses to play pranks very often and sometimes steals things from people sometimes, she isn’t completely evil. If people call her through the mirrors and ask her for help, she usually helps them, just asking for a small payment sometimes. That’s how she brought a weird nun to a castle far away, in exchange for some sweets and a pretty hand mirror. When her best friend had to leave her home after getting in some troubles, Sasami offered her to stay in at her place as long as she was unable to return home. They had a lot of fun pranking people together. But then something strange happened and people started to disappear. Her friend came to her and asked her to bring her to the castle because she wanted to investigate this incident on her own.

Sadly, Sasami didn’t get any sign of life from her after that. She got worried that something could have happened to her and decided to search for help. The Kokunai Shaman was the only person who could help her in this situation.

Colorful Illumination

Sasami demomira CIremake

Species: Mirror Demon

Abilities: Using mirrors as portals to other places

Age: 200 years old

Occupation: Playing pranks, collecting mirrors

Location: Forest of Magic