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山口夜 使理窪
Shiria Yamaguchiya
Shiria yamaguchiya by lenk64-dafp2x2

Species Shinigami

Superior intelligence


26 years old


Castle Attendant


Heaven Castle

Shiria Yamaguchiya (山口夜 使理窪 Yamaguchiya Shiria) is the older sister of Kagura Yamaguchiya and former judge of Fluvius City before being turned into a shinigami by Yume and Kirame.

General Information



Superior intelligence

Character Basis


Background Info

Shiria was the judge of Fluvius City. Even though she was a highly respected judge and tried to protect the law of her hometown, her salary was bad and her work was tiring and frustrating, but kept working for the sake of her sister Kagura. One day she had a strange dream about a unicorn girl who induced her to drink some water and promised her it would help her to get better. Shiria drinked from it, but realized too late it was poisoned and died in her sleep, becoming a shinigami

When Shiria woke up, she found herself in Heaven Castle. From now on it was Shiria’s job to protect the castle, and serve the demon angel Kirame, who wanted to turn Akito back into Akira Kurogane. Shiria had no choice but obey their orders. Years passed and Shiria became a loyal servant of Yume and Kirame. Her personality got corrupted just like the unicorn a long time ago and she started to forget about her former life and her sister Kagura again. 


The Devastating Truth

After Kirame lost the fight against Miko, Akito and Tenshi, Yume tries to get to Shiria to tell her about her master’s defeat. Since Kirame and Yume were weakened and injured, it’s now Shiria’s turn to kill the intruders and kidnap Akito so Kirame could turn him into Akira again, but she's defeated. After her defeat, Akito tries to reason with her to return to Fluvius City, since Kagura is worried about her. However, Shiria's mind was corrupted by Kirame long ago and decides to stay with her, insisting that she doesn't care about Fluvius City or her sister anymore.

Since Kirame is the only one with the force to return them to normal, Shiria and Yume are forced to stay with their corrupted minds. Also, Kagura might never see her sister again.