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15 years old




Gryphon’s Street

Star (スター Sutaa) is a descendant of the Suit of Stars. She's also Heart's best friend.

General Information


She is a tomboyish and rebellious girl who's very attached to her best friend. She also initially hates following rules and does things at her own pace. Unlike her ancestor, the original Suit of Stars, Star does develop a sense of duty and responsibility and thus she returns to Wonderland to atone for the actions of her ancestor.

Character Basis


Her name is the romanization of the word "star" in Japanese romanization.

Background Information

It's revealed that the original Suit of Stars never died, but simply abandoned her fellow suits after the creation of Wonderland because she got bored. She convinced her descendants to never go into Wonderland, or else they're be trapped forever.

The current Suit of Stars, named Star as well, was a rebellious girl and travelled to Wonderland, where she met Heart. The two quickly became best friends, but Star was forced to return to her world, not before promising to see Heart again.

Years passed and Star found out about the real, petty reasons why the original Suit of Stars abandoned Wonderland, leading to its downfall. Star became disgusted with the original Star's actions and decide to atone for it and helping Wonderland.


Wonder Execution Gamble

After Loredana Lockhart was crowned as Queen, Heart became upset and ran away from Wonderland, unaware that Loredana didn't want to be the governor. Meanwhile Star escaped from her dimension once again in order to search for Heart and to atone for what the first Suit of Stars did to Wonderland. On the way, she found Heart. Happy and reunited after long years, the two girls embraced and they formed into a single being, Starrot Heartlet.