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Sutorei (DFM) by lenk64-d7k2ajx

Species Zombie

Eat human flesh


18 years old




Lost Village

Sutorei (ストレイ) is a wandering zombie and one of the monsters created by Eria Kanrei.

General Information Edit



Eat human flesh

Character Basis Edit


His name sounds similar to the word "stray" from English to Japanese romanization (ストレイ sutorei).


Sutorei seems to be based on Yoshika Miyako, from the Touhou Project. They're monsters revived from dead people who work for an evil character and they're apparently more than him.

Background Information Edit

Role Edit

Mystical Lost VillageEdit

Destructive Force MonsterEdit

There are monsters lurking around a shrine in the top of an isolated mountain. Even though Miko, Ritsuka and Haru Akaito originally wanted to find about about the fallen meteorite in the Jungle, they cannot ignore the monsters. After the girls escape from being eaten alive by Mystical Ikimono, they flee to the Lost Village, where Sutorei is.

Sutorei is apparently having a party with his fellow zombies and gets increasingly annoyed with the heroines interrupting. He threatens to eat them, but the girls are not scared (with the exception of Haru) and defeat him. It's revealed that Sutorei is one of the creations of Eria Kanrei, but it's unknown if he's aware of it.

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