Takuto (Stage 3)

Takuto and yumeko ghost girl ver by lenk64-d8lj7k1-1

Species: Ghoul

Abilities: Nullification of the opponent's strength

Age: 60 years old

Occupation: Fighting for "her", teaching vengeance

Location: Anti-IYA Frontier in Konsei Capital City

Takuto and Yumeko, the enigmatic odd couple determined to defeat the IYA.

Takuto has dedicated his existence to destroying the IYA, a violent organization of youkai with the ultimate goal of dominating Koosu no Sekai and ruling over humans. He passionately fights for the rights of humans and youkai that support his cause, but there seems to be another reason for his hatred that even he can’t remember. It’s seemingly related to Yumeko, his companion for as long as he can remember. Yumeko is affectionate and less inclined to hold grudges compared to Takuto, but they hold a common goal. Yumeko has recently become more and more sickly, and Takuto is seeking out a way to cure her.

About their abilities: Takuto’s ability allows him to detect an opponent’s ability, and temporarily suppress it. Yumeko seemingly has no ability, but Takuto disagrees, insisting that he senses a great power within her yet to be realized.

They have a strange relationship with a wide age gap, but they’re still able to remain a loving couple.

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