南西 咲花雨

The New Rain of Flowers

Nansei - NRoF
Developer LENK64
Publisher LENK64
Released January 1, 2013
Genre New Age
Tracks 06
Followed by Secret Cave (Bonus Track)

Nansei Sakihaname ~ The New Rain of Flowers (南西 咲花雨 〜 The New Rain of Flowers lit. Blossoming Flowers of Rain from the Southwest) is the first music album by LENK64 released on 04/2013.

The songs were composed before the UTE era.

Tracks Edit

ZUN-ish and New age music performed by LENK64, Part 1

  • 01. Rain Dance and Fairies (03:46)
  • 02. Grain Field Adventure (04:04)
  • 03. Sunset and a Rain of Flowers (04:35)
  • 04. You Will Become a Corpse (03:53)
  • 05. Flower Field (04:02)
  • 06. Fairies and Rainfall (05:27)

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