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非常識 時計
Tokei Hijoshiki
Hang the clocks by lenk64-d6oy29q

Species Human and Half-Youkai

Stop time


35 years old


Hang the clocks


Maid Café (Basement)

Tokei Hijoshiki (非常識 時計 Hijoshiki Tokei) is a human and half-youkai who lives in the Maid Café basement.

General Information



Stop time

Background Information

Tokei was one of Mirai Chasov's students at the Nocturne Castle. There, she met fellow student Hora Clockwise and quickly became friends. Together, they studied about magic and time for their powers. But Hora realized very soon about Mirai's true motives. She was just searching for a successor who would become the next Clockmaster so she could live free and leave the castle forever. Hora knew that the Clockmaster had to stay in Nocturne Castle for all eternity and watch over the clocks of the world. And one of them would have to suffer this fate.

Not willing to let her only friend becoming the new Clockmaster, Hora decided to save Tokei. It was impossible for her to leave the castle anyway because her life-clock could only work with Mirai’s power, and if she escaped or disobeyed her will, the clock would stop working and she would die. Hora stole Mirai's magic pocket watch and using it to stop the flow of time, they helped Tokei escape the castle.

Tokei returned to Kuusou no Sekai, where she started working at the Maid Cafe together with fellow student Lunar Tsubasa.


Autumnal Mythology

Broken 4th Dimension