Music ListEdit

Stage 1 theme
  • a Bad Way to Rejoice
Stage 1 boss - Jikininki Gosuto's theme
  • Body Eater
Stage 2 theme
  • Freezing Cold Air
Stage 2 boss - Youna's theme
  • Ice Fairies Director
Stage 3 theme
  • Night Sluggard
Stage 3 boss - Susanoo no Mikoto's theme
  • God of Thunder
Stage 4 theme
  • Curse of the new gatekeeper
Stage 4 boss - Noroi Getokipa's theme
  • Ugly Words
Stage 5 theme
  • The Merry Night ~ Lost Village
Stage 5 boss - Mura no Inu's theme
  • Japanese Night Wanderer ~ Village Dog
Last Stage theme
  • Towards the Climate of High-toxic
Last boss - Tsuzeru Kazemeri's theme
  • Toxic to the Sword
Extra Stage theme
  • Snowy World in the Second Dimension
Extra boss - Koori no Yuyu's theme
  • Frozen Zombie
Phantasm Stage theme
  • a Dark Blue Towards the Cave Prison
Phantasm boss - Himeka Akaito's theme
  • Prison Strangler Cave
End Story theme
  • Moments and Stories
Ending theme
  • It's Over Now

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