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BoH Uchikina

Species Night Sparrow

create shy to others, become invisible in the dark


85 years old


Forest Wanderer


Forest (Night)

Uchikina (蔚気梛) is a sparrow youkai living in the forest.

General Information


She is a childish, confident sparrow who appears to have a superiority complex in regards to others and proclaims to be the strongest youkai. She also dislikes people and youkai coming into the forest, claiming that the place is only for bird youkai.


Become invisible in the dark


Night Creatures in a Mansion

Miko Kokunai and Ritsuka Hayashi are suspiscious of Totte Mitsumete's mansion in which she locks up criminals, so they go to investigate. On the way, they cross the forest where they're ambushed by Uchikina. She warns them to get away from her forest and attacks them, but is easily defeated.

Border of Heaven

Things have been peaceful lately so Miko goes to patrol at the Forest while Ritsuka goes to search some water for her plants. Meanwhile, Uchikina is flying around the forest and looking for any intruders.

After noticing Miko and Ritsuka in the forest, she attacks them in retribution but is easily defeated again. She succeeds in kicking them away from the forest, though. Back at her home in a nearby tree, she is about to eat some frogs, whom happen to be Kaeru Shiawase's friends. The frog youkai is angered and attacks the sparrow in return.