南西 旅海場

Unknown Traveling East

Nansei6 UTE cover
Artist LENK64
Released July 31st, 2013
Tracks 15
Followed by Autumnal Mythology

Nansei Ryoukaichou ~ Unknown Traveling East (南西 旅海場 〜 Unknown Traveling East lit. Traveling Ocean Place from the Southwest) is the 6th official project in Nansei.

The first track in the album was released on July 13th, 2013.




  • Unknown Traveling East is the project that refreshed/updated Nansei the most. It added new, stylized covers that differ from Touhou's (save for Unconquered Album and Mountain of Gods) that are now used in every Nansei Project since then. The characters design/drawings looks less ZUN-ish (except for Mountain of Gods), and the way how characters are showed on the music videos was also changed.
  • According to LENK64, this is the sequel to Toxic Difficulty.
  • It is the first project to be a sequel of a previous one if Performance of Meadow Rain isn't counted.

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