Main CharactersEdit

Enemy CharactersEdit

Kekkonshiki no yami by lenk64-d7b11we

Kekkonshiki no Yami
Stage 1 Midboss, Stage 1 Boss

Mystical ikimono by lenk64-d7b11ua

Mystical Ikimono
Stage 2 Midboss, Stage 2 Boss, Last Stage Midboss

Akaito himeka by lenk64-d7b11sh

Himeka Akaito
Stage 3 Midboss

Mori no nikushoku by lenk64-d7b11q8

Mori no Nikushoku
Stage 3 Boss

Mizugameza by lenk64

Stage 4 Midboss, Stage 4 Boss, Extra Midboss

Seishin no botoru by lenk64

Seishin no Botoru
Stage 5 Midboss

Akuma no inu by lenk64-d7b10or

Akuma no Inu
Stage 5 Boss

Finrando christian by lenk64

Christine Seaphera
Last Stage Boss

Fuyu no natsu by lenk64-d7b10hn

Fuyu no Natsu
Extra Boss

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