Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • Welcome to the Unknown Easter Road
Stage 1 theme
  • Hazy Bamboo Forest ~ Moist Forest
Stage 1 boss - Kekkonshiki no Yami's theme
  • Shy Darkness Holder ~ Black Haze
Stage 2 theme
  • Unknown Eastern Road ~ East Road
Stage 2 boss - Mystical Ikimono's theme
  • Hidden Unknown Devil ~ Mystical Creature
Stage 3 theme
  • Ropes Tied to the Treetops ~ Strangler Youkai
Stage 3 boss - Mori no Nikushoku's theme
  • Sleepy Bat ~ Predation Time
Stage 4 theme
  • Temple of the Sea ~ Ocean
Stage 4 boss - Mizugameza's theme
  • Ocean Queen ~ Aquarius
Stage 5 theme
  • Welcome to the Factory Underground City ~ Core City
Stage 5 boss - Akuma no Inu's theme
  • Giant Demon Dog ~ Worker
Last Stage theme
  • Unknown Creature Chasing ~ Unknown Final
Last boss - Christian Finrando's theme
  • Strong Unknown Soldier ~ Icy Sword
Extra Stage theme
  • Strange Weather Phenomena ~ Core City Flooded
Extra boss - Fuyu no Natsu's theme
  • Weather Events Converter ~ Season Youkai

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