Music ListEdit

Main Menu Theme
  • Through the Looking Glass of Imagination
Stage 1 Theme
  • Social Buzz from The Unfortunate Prairie
Stage 1 Boss - Lulu Honeyo's Theme
  • Just Passing Bee ~ Hive on Heaven
Stage 2 Theme
  • Stardust Techno Haiden
Stage 2 Boss - Hoshi Himawari's Theme
  • Comet Needing No Comment ~ Himawari 9
Stage 3 Theme
  • Rabbit Hole to a Nostalgic Realm ~ Chilean Sanctuary
Stage 3 Boss - Misao Nousagi's Theme
  • Wander-a-Wonder Imprisoner
Stage 4 Theme
  • Garden of Eye Candy
Stage 4 Boss - Umami Amenbou's Theme
  • Eterne Sheep Counting ~ Interpretation of REM
Stage 5 Theme
  • Lies or Inconsequences
Stage 5 Boss - Jabby Yoogan's Theme
  • Nettle-decorated Wyvern Memorial ~ Tulgey Mission
Final Stage Theme
  • Silent Stride ~ Blending In with Black Wonders
Final Stage Boss - Loredana Lockhart's Theme
  • Tribune’s Aid of Lustration ~ Intact Nature
Extra Stage Theme
  • Memories of Carroll's Young Daughter
Extra Stage Boss - Fudako Kiseimuri's Theme
  • Battle For Those Who Have Already Lost
Phantasm Stage Theme
  • Don’t Follow The Heart ~ One of a Pair
Phantasm Stage Boss - Starrot Heartlet's Theme
  • Suiting Genes
Ending Theme
  • The Moment You Wake Up ~ Astral Witchcraft
Last Word Theme
  • Ambivalent Gift

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