Expressive Illumination


Species: Half-Mimic and Half-Succubus

Abilities: Animating lifeless objects

Age: 67 years old

Occupation: Leader of Outdated Art

Location: Palace of Forgotten Creations

Wyra Sonohoka, the mischievous and cheerful owner of abandoned art.

Wyra is a bizarre hybrid species, possessing a mysterious unknown origin. Wyra has theories about her birth, but in the end it doesn’t concern her, as she lives a simple life without a master and indulges in causing havoc. One of her earliest attempts at troublemaking involved infiltrating a long running massive collaboration intending to create the greatest piece of art known to Koosu no Sekai. Wyra decided to prank the artists by adding her own touch of chaos to the piece in secret. This remains her proudest achievement and she wonders if anything came of it.

Despite her love for causing trouble, Wyra doesn’t have any truly evil motives and is actually quite intelligent. Her greatest passion lies in obscure art and literally bringing it to life, so she’s made a home for herself in the Palace of Forgotten Creations. The protagonists enter the Palace expecting to find the person they’re seeking: the mastermind behind the destruction of art.

But Wyra runs the palace alone and has nothing to do with it. Wyra tells them that the true villain will be holding a concert in the center of Konsei in just a few hours, but not before trying to convince the protagonists to keep her company, even if she has to turn them into a wax-work first.

No one knows if the tongue sticking out of her dress is alive or a part of Wyra, but it probably wouldn’t be smart to touch it.

Broken 4th Dimension

Sonohoka wyra by lenk64-dan6qu2

Species: Half-Mimic and Half-Succubus

Abilities: Animating Art

Age: 8 years old

Occupation: Scaring people away

Location: Nocturne Castle

After the banned art incident was over and the Magnum Opus Chusokarashi no Manaato was defeated by Miko, Ritsuka and Kaiga, Wyra tried to return to her normal daily life. Because people heard through newspaper that she was responsible for the corruption of Manaato, they wanted to punish the half-mimic for this crime and Wyra had to leave her home and search for another shelter where she could stay. But she had a very hard time since everyone knew who caused the banned art incident in the first place. All she could do was to wait until people began forgetting about this incident. At least she could always rely on her best friend Sasami, who helped her to escape the Palace of Forgotten Creations before people could catch her.

Wyra lived in Sasami’s house for a while and didn’t really learn her lesson after all, even after she had to leave her home. She kept playing pranks with people together with her best friend and collected artistic objects again to bring them to life. Even though she couldn’t return home, she was still happy and didn’t care about what people said about her. She was never alone as long as Sasami was still at her side and loved to do the same things as her. They were like sisters. Wyra brought joy to Sasami’s daily life and they both shared the same hobby for collecting things.

But then something happened which brought Wyra to leave her shelter and her best friend: when she wanted to return to her home to get some of her collected artworks, she met Neoroko who told her that her mentor Manaato suddenly disappeared. Wyra asked her if Manaato just walked away to ban more “false art”, but Neoroko explained that her mentor vanished within a second. And before Neoroko could finish her last sentence, she also disappeared. The half-mimic didn’t know what happened to both of them but when she heard that other people disappeared too, she got the bad feeling that this was an incident, caused by someone who might be able to manipulate existence. Since Manaato was her personal Magnum Opus and she was worried that more of her artworks might vanish too, Wyra decided to do some research about Manaato’s and Neoroko’s whereabouts.

Her first suspect was Sakka Aka, one of the Maid Café workers who possessed the ability to change history. But the maid denied that she had caused this incident, chucking Wyra out of the Maid Café. Frustrated and still not knowing what’s going on, Wyra wanted to search somewhere else for Manaato and Neoroko, but then Lunar came out of the basement. She told her about a strange person who asked her about a castle from another dimension where time gets created.

Though she wasn’t really sure if this person was the one who caused this incident, Wyra decided to pursue Lunar’s lead and talked with Sasami about it. The mirror demon confessed that she was helping this person to get to this castle by using her mirrors as a portal. Wyra asked her friend to bring her to the same place. When Wyra arrived to the castle, she started to search for the one who caused the disappearance of Manaato and her student, but when she was about to find out the truth, suddenly her body started to change.

She was slowly rejuvenating. Even though she tried to find a way to stop the process, it was too late. Not only did her body rejuvenate, she also lost all memories and knowledge she gained in the last 59 years. A few moments later she had been turned into an 8 years old immature and childish little girl who didn’t know why she was in the castle and what happened to her. She didn’t really care about what brought her here anymore and started to play in the garden.

Colorful Illumination

Wyra sonohoka CIremake

Species: Mimic

Abilities: Mimicking lifeless objects

Age: 200 years old

Occupation: Playing with Sasami

Location: Forest of Magic