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紫 ユミ
Yumi Murasaki
Yumi murasaki (DFM) by lenk64-d7k33uw

Species Hakutaku and Half-Demon

Power of the saint


500 years old


Manage the swamp



Yumi Murasaki (紫 ユミ Murasaki Yumi) is a demon hakutaku and one of the monsters created by Eria Kanrei.

General Information



Power of the saint

Yumi is known to save "saint-like power". She mostly used this power to perform miracles. However, she is unable to perform certain acts as resurrection, since her master Eria uses black magic and Yumi's power is likely pased on that.

Character Basis


Murasaki (紫) is the Japanese word for "violet". Her name Yumi is written on katakana, but it's also the Japanese word for "bow".


Background Information

Yumi is one of the monsters created by Eria Kanrei. She decided to travel to Wonderland and performed minor miracles in order to earn the trust of the dictator Neko Shinrin, who at the time needed a way to decrease the number of revolters in her kingdom. Yumi slowly built a reputation as a miracle worker, establishing a religion of miracles in the Kingdom of the Cats.

She was also the one who revived the (then dead) Ryuko Yoogan, at Jabby Yoogan's request.


Demons in Wonderland

Yumi murasaki by lenk64-d7jsr94

Yumi in Demons in Wonderland

Just like she aspired, Yumi was eventually recruited by Neko to lead a fake religion constructed around miracles as a means to win over the hearts and minds of the people in the Kingdom of the Cats, and Wonderland as an extension. For several decades, the residents of Wonderland were forced into an "undesired peace" while Yumi was revered as the leader of the new religion.

However, due to an underground rebellion team that dissipated most of Neko's army, the kingdom was weakened. Also, due to the infiltration of Miko Kokunai and Ritsuka Hayashi (and the secret manipulations of Hitori, who hated Yumi), the Kingdom of Cats collapsed and Yumi was forced to flee back to Kuusou no Sekai.

Destructive Force Monster

There are monsters lurking around a shrine in the top of an isolated mountain. Even though Miko, Ritsuka and Haru Akaito originally wanted to find about about the fallen meteorite in the Jungle, they cannot ignore the monsters.

Meanwhile, Hitori and Yumi are guarding the Kanrei Shrine, while their master Eria Kanrei lets the rest of her monsters roam free. They're confronted by Miko, Ritsuka and Haru Akaito.

Yumi is surprised to see Miko and Ritsuka again and asks how did they escape the swamp after the events of Demons in Wonderland. While Haru greets Yumi casually despite not knowing her (because Miko told her about her adventures). After Yumi is defeated, Hitori makes fun of her for being weak.

Kodomo's Days in the Field

She is one of the possible bosses at Day 7, together with Hiyake Hebi and Tsuzeru Kazemeri.