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Cause jumpscares (and failing at it)


274 years old


Losing head


Abyssal Narthex

Zutsu (頭立) is a ghost from the Northeastern Island. Apparently, she is not of Eria Kanrei and Katame's monsters, just the ghost of a monster hunter who was killed by the monsters from the island.

General Information


She is a carefree ghost that frequently tries to scare people, but her attempts at it mostly annoy them or make them laugh. She does not seem to remember her life when she used to be alive.


Cause jumpscares


It's unknown it if's true, but Christine deduces that when Zutsu was alive she must have been a warrior or monster hunter who was eventually killed by the monsters in the island and is being binded to this realm because of unfinished business.


Unconquered Album

Zutsu is trying to scare people around the island. She is the Stage 6 Boss in Christine Seaphere's route and Stage 5 Boss in Shinshiazu's route.

In Christine Seaphere's route, before she is able to enter the Unearthly Chapel, she was stopped by an intrusive ghost, Zutsu. At first she thought the ghost was guarding her final challenge, but Zutsu was actually just trying to frighten Christine. Her attempts at scaring her were far more comical than they were terrifying, though. Zutsu insisted on having a duel and is easily defeated, but not before Christine acknowledges her power.

In Shinshiazu's route, she tries to scare the monster hunter unsucessfully. Shinshiazu tried to exterminate her, until she finds out that Zutsu's head is detachable. After a tiresome fight, Zutsu is defeated and agrees to leave not before telling her that the hundreds of monsters before her were ‘small fries’ compared to their master, who is hiding herself in the Observer's Tor.